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Industrial Technology – Timber, Products and Furniture Technologies

2 units for each of Year 11 & Year 12 

Board Developed Category A

Exclusions: Some Industry Focus areas with similar VET Curriculum Framework streams and Content Endorsed Courses

Course Costs: $50.00 + materials

Industrial Technology at Stage 6 will develop a student's knowledge and understanding of a selected industry and its related technologies highlighting the importance of design, management and production through practical experiences.

Industrial Technology Stage 6 consists of project work and an industry study that will develop a broad range of skills and knowledge related to Timber Technologies.

The Year 11 Course

The following sections are taught in relation to the relevant focus area:

  • Industry Study – structural, technical, environmental and sociological factors, personnel issues, Occupational Health and Safety (15%)
  • Design – elements and principles, types of design, quality, influences affecting design (10%)
  • Management and Communication – development of practical projects; research, analysis and evaluation; skills in managing a project and developing and presenting a management folio; computer based technologies (20%)
  • Production – display a range of skills through the construction of a number of projects (40%)
  • Industry Related Manufacturing Technology – understanding of a range of materials, processes, tools and equipment, machinery and technologies (15%)

The Year 12 Course

The following sections are taught in relation to the relevant focus area through the development of a Major Project (60%) and a study of the relevant industry:

  • Industry Study (15%)
  • Major Project (60%)
    • Design, Management and Communication
    • Production
  • Industry Related Manufacturing Technology (25%)

Particular Course Requirements

In the Year 11 course, students must design, develop and construct a number of projects. Each project will include a management folio. Each project may emphasise different areas of the Year 11 Course content. Students also undertake the study of an individual business within a focus area industry.

In the Year 12 course, students design, develop and construct a Major Project with a management folio. They will also undertake a study of the overall industry related to the specific focus area industry.

Course Contact: Ms Kylie Chapman, Head Teacher: Technology & Applied Science