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Our staff

Our professional, university-educated teachers encourage students to develop a love of learning and a desire to succeed. They maintain the highest integrity and concern for your child’s wellbeing.


  • Catherine Glover

Deputy Principals

  • Years 7, 9 + 11: Peter Quine (rel)
  • Years 8, 10 + 12: Melissa Anthony

Head Teachers

  • Teaching and Learning: Todd Alexander
  • Wellbeing: Gemma Crane

Year Advisers

  • Year 7: Georgia Thomas
  • Year 8: Helen Macpherson
  • Year 9: Jess Davis
  • Year 10: Alex McNeil
  • Year 11: Leonie Fowler
  • Year 12: John Oakes

Creative and Performing Arts

  • Head Teacher: Megan Langlands
  • Teachers: Darren Brannan, Mark Harlor, Jodie Russell and Isobella Thompson


  • Head Teacher: Lucy Chapman
  • Teachers: Simone Allchin, Brooke Ashton, Libby Eggins, Leonie Fowler, Paige Holmes, Rebecca Roth, Laura Smith and Kristine Tree

Human Society and its Environment

  • Head Teacher: Mark Storch
  • Teachers: Todd Alexander, Liam Anderberg, Alan Barker, Katrina Davis, Donna Duggan, Bradley Longhurst, Fraser Marnham, Kent Omrod and Selena Wright


  • Head Teacher: Megan Langlands
  • Teachers: Darren Brannan 


  • Head Teacher: (Relieving) Tim Wrigley 
  • Teachers: Jessica Davis, David Forbes, Natalia Hvalica, Jason Jovanovski, Ian Napier, David Smith, Jane Storch, Lauren Whiteman and Michelle Winwood-Smith

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

  • Head Teacher: Ashley Lewis
  • Teachers: Riley Barry, Gemma Crane, Nathan Ford, Kylie Mckelvey, Alex McNeil, Timothy Poppett and Georgia Thomas


  • Head Teacher: Hayden Mckay
  • Teachers: Nigel Bolack, Robert George, Kya Godbier, David Moeser, John Oakes, Ruth Power and Karl Proksch

Technology and Applied Studies

  • Head Teacher: Mathew Yates (rel)
  • Teachers: Anya Claesson, Adam Cupitt, Rhys Eddy, Mark Robertson, Vanessa Sullivan and Kim Van Kruyssen 

Learning and Support

  • Head Teacher: Todd Alexander and Liam Anderberg (relieving)
  • Teachers: Jeremy King and Helen MacPherson
  • School Learning Support Officers: Frances Asbury, Kylee Hamilton, Kathy Pringle, Cooper Roberts and Savanna Wishart

Support Unit

  • Head Teacher: Allan Foster
  • Teachers: Brendan Williams, Aimee Crilly and Fiona Lovett
  • School Learning Support Officers: Tegan Boardman, Teri-Ann Fava, Jess Martin and Tracey Boardman


  • Librarians: Aveen Beedles and Kate Mathies


  • Teacher: Wycliffe (Wicky) Ochieng


  • Lead Support Officer: Lukas Hoyt-Bull

School Administrative and Support Staff

  • School Administration Manager: Ann Turner
  • School Administration Officers: Debbie Eickeler, Emma Ford, Roslyn Hallinan, Jane McCammon, Maria Mark, Sharon Mayo, Janet O’Brien, Laurel O’Sullivan, Lynley Olsson, Michelle Robertson, Jackie Steel, Michelle Tilden and Amanda Williams


  • Student Support Officer: Emily Sirilo
  • Aboriginal Student Coordinator: TBA
  • SRC Coordinator: Lauren Whiteman
  • Counsellors: Annalise Hunt and Chris Scobie
  • Careers Adviser: Jayne Creighton
  • General Assistant: David Burgess and Robert Thompson
  • Canteen Manager: Janelle Sims
  • Prac Student Liason Officer: TBA
  • Year 7 Sport Coordinator: Gemma Crane
  • Year 8-10 Sport Coordinator: Kylie Mckelvey
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award Coordinator: TBA
  • Covid Tutors: Leslie Jackson and Alex McNeil