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Visual Arts

The study of Visual arts at Kiama High School will allow students to expand on their creative knowledge. Many students enjoy the ample opportunities for self-exploration and self-expression, the chance to broaden horizons, build mental focus, physical dexterity, reduce stress, and increase personal enjoyment.

Growing research and statistical evidence also prove that the skills established through the study of art assist students in achieving success in their other courses and meeting the demands of the modern world of work. It is only common sense that, in our image-laden society, Visual arts has become an integral part of every business.

Stages 4 and 5 (Years 7 - 10)

The study of Visual arts in Stages 4 and 5 develops students understanding of varied cultures, strong analytical abilities, and a range of communication and interpersonal skills. Students in Stage 4 and 5 Visual arts learn to understand both 'the big picture' and the nuances within it. They learn to meet a variety of challenges by formulating creative solutions and revisions. Students explore a range of mediums, artistic genres and key artists, including ceramics, painting, sculpture, printmaking and street art forms.

Stage 6 (Year 11 + 12)

Elective courses offered in Visual arts in year 11 and 12 offer students the chance to explore engaging Visual arts content, both practically and theoretically through the analysis of key Case Studies in Year 11. These studies culminate in the exciting creation of a student-developed Year 12 Body of Work. Students have the opportunity to work with highly-skilled staff with deep knowledge of the senior visual art syllabus and have access to an extensive range of material resources.

Students in Year 12 are able to specialise in one or more of the following material practices:

  • painting
  • drawing
  • photomedia
  • sculpture
  • ceramics
  • printmaking
  • textiles
  • film
  • graphic design
  • collections of works