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Mathematics Standard 2

2 units of Year 12 

Board Developed Category A

Exclusions: Students may not study any other Year 12 Mathematics course in conjunction with the Year 12 Mathematics Standard 2 course.

Course Costs: $10.00 (plus $10.00 online access)

Mathematics Standard students use Mathematics to make informed decisions in their daily lives. Students develop understanding and competence in mathematics through real world applications. These skills can be used in a range of concurrent HSC subjects.

In Mathematics Standard 2 students extend their mathematical skills beyond Stage 5 without the in-depth knowledge of higher mathematics that the study of calculus would provide. This course prepares students for a wide range of educational and employment aspirations, including continuing their studies at tertiary level.

The study of Mathematics Standard 2 in Stage 6:

·       enables students to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills in working mathematically and in communicating concisely and precisely

  • provides opportunities for students to consider various applications of mathematics in a broad range of contemporary contexts through the use of mathematical modelling and use these models to solve problems related to their present and future needs
  • provides opportunities for students to develop an understanding of and skills in further aspects of mathematics for concurrent HSC studies
  • provides an appropriate mathematical background for students entering the workforce or undertaking further tertiary training.

The Mathematics Standard 2 Year 12 Course content includes the same four Topics and the additional Topic of Networks. The Topics and Subtopics are:

Topic: Algebra
Types of Relationships

Topic: Measurement
Non-right-angled Trigonometry
Rates and Ratios

Topic: Financial Mathematics
Investments and Loans

Topic: Statistical Analysis
Bivariate Data Analysis
The Normal Distribution

Topic: Networks
Network Concepts
Critical Path Analysis

Particular Course Requirements: Completion of the Year 11 Mathematics Standard Course

Course Contact: Mr Rodney Loxley, HT: Mathematics & Computer Science