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Marine Studies

2 units for each of Year 11 & Year 12 

Board Endorsed course 

Exclusions: Nil

Course Costs: $30.00 

The oceans cover more than 70 per cent of the earth's surface and influence all forms of life on this planet. Oceans are alternatively viewed as areas rich in minerals and marine life which can supply our needs virtually without limit, or as convenient dumping grounds for agricultural, industrial and domestic waste.

The growing demands of urbanisation, industry, recreation and tourism have increased the pressures on marine facilities and our fragile water ecosystems. There is a need for wise management practices and a responsible, realistic approach to conservation of marine resources into the twenty first-century.

Marine Studies provides an opportunity for students to view these issues in a comprehensive and global perspective.

Marine Studies provides an educational context, linked to the needs of a significantly coastal and waterways-based population, fostering links to tertiary study and vocational pathways. Further, this syllabus brings a wide range of marine-based leisure experiences to students in a safe setting. Marine Studies provides for both practical and theoretical learning and students' acquire skills to solve real life problems.

Through Marine Studies students will develop:

  • knowledge,   understanding   and    appreciation   that    promote    sound environmental practices in the marine environment
  • the ability to cooperatively manage activities and communicate in a marine context
  • an ability to apply the skills of critical thinking, research and analysis
  • knowledge and understanding of marine industries and their interaction with society and with leisure pursuits
  • knowledge, understanding and skills in safe practices in the marine context.

Particular Course Requirements Students will be required to demonstrate that they can swim (200m continuously) and tread water (10 mins continuously) to gain access to all practical activities in Marine Studies.

Course Contact: Mr Hayden Mckay, Head Teacher: Science