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Business Studies

2 units for each of Year 11 & Year 12 

Board Developed Category A

Exclusions: Nil

Course Costs: $20.00 

Business activity is a feature of everyone's life. The Business Studies syllabus encompasses the theoretical and practical aspects of business in ways students will encounter throughout their lives. It offers learning from the planning of a small business to the management of operations, marketing, finance and human resource in large businesses.

Contemporary business issues and case studies are embedded in the course to provide a stimulating and relevant framework for students to apply to problems encountered in the business environment. Business Studies fosters intellectual, social and moral development by assisting students to think critically about the role of business and its ethical responsibilities to society.


The Year 11 Course

  • Nature of business (20%) – the role and nature of business
  • Business management (40%) – the nature and responsibilities of management
  • Business planning (40%) – establishing and planning a small to medium enterprise

The Year 12 Course

  • Operations (25%) – strategies for effective operations management
  • Marketing (25%) – development and implementation of successful marketing strategies
  • Finance (25%) – financial information in the planning and management of business
  • Human resources (25%) – human resource management and business performance

Contact: Mr Mark Storch, Head Teacher: Human Society & Its Environment