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Society & Culture

2 units for each of Year 11 & Year 12 

Board Developed Category A

Exclusions: Nil

Course Costs: $10.00 

Society and Culture develops social and cultural literacy and a clear understanding of the interactions of persons, society, culture, environment and time, and how these shape human behaviour. The course draws on cross-disciplinary concepts and social research methods, and students undertake research in an area of particular interest to them. The research findings are presented for external assessment in the Personal Interest Project (PIP).

The Year 11 Course

  • The Social and Cultural World – the interactions between persons and groups within societies
  • Personal and Social Identity – socialisation and the development of personal and social identity in a variety of social and cultural settings
  • Intercultural Communication – how people in different social, cultural and environmental settings behave, communicate and perceive the world around them

The Year 12 Course Core

  • Social and Cultural Continuity and Change – the nature of social and cultural continuity and change as well as application of research methods and social theory to a selected country study
  • The Personal Interest Project (PIP) – an individual research project

Depth Studies

Two to be chosen from:

  • Popular Culture – the interconnection between popular culture, society and the individual
  • Belief Systems and Ideologies – the relationship of belief systems and ideologies to culture and identity
  • Social Inclusion and Exclusion – the nature of social inclusion and exclusion as well as implications for individuals and groups in societies and cultures
  • Social Conformity and Nonconformity – the nature of conformity and nonconformity and its influences on the formation of peoples’ attitudes and behaviours.

Particular Course Requirements

Completion of Personal Interest Project.

Course Contact: Mr Mark Storch, Head Teacher: Human Society & Its Environment