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Information Processes & Technology

2 units for each of Year 11 & Year 12 

Board Developed Category A

Exclusions: Computing Applications CEC

Course Costs: $25.00 

Information Processes and Technology is the study of information-based systems. It focuses on information processes performed by these systems and the information technology that allows them to take place. Social, ethical and non-computer procedures resulting from the processes are considered. Different types of information systems are studied. Through project work, students will create their own information system to meet an identified need.

The Year 11 Course provides students with the opportunity to learn how to operate, document and use the hardware and software needed to create modern information- based systems. Students will gain experience using a diverse range of complex software while studying the social, ethical and non-computer issues of managing information systems. Students will work collaboratively to study different types of information systems and complete projects where students learn to plan, manage and create their own information systems.

The Year 12 Course builds on and reinforces the Year 11 course. Students will complete in depth studies into key theoretical and practical concepts needed to plan, build and document a range of current information systems. Students will complete course work covering:

  • Project Management (20%)
  • Information Systems and Databases (20%)
  • Communication Systems (20%)
  • Option Strands (40%) – Students will select TWO of the following options: Transaction Processing Systems; Decision Support Systems; Automated Manufacturing Systems; Multimedia Systems.

Particular Course Requirements

Students will be provided with all necessary equipment.

The percentage values in each course refer to indicative course time. A minimum of 40% course time is to be devoted to the integration of content into project work in both Preliminary and HSC courses. It is also expected that a significant proportion of time be devoted to integrated practical activities.

Course Contact:
Mr Rodney Loxley, HT: Mathematics & Computer Science